Welcome to the Conversation of Momentum!

Here we’ve a collection of thoughts and puzzles which have been gradually accumulating since October 2012. Our focus is on maths and physics.


Featured Post

Diamond TreeCG Trees – in this post, we simulate the evolution of 2-dimensional trees. Each tree has its own genome, which undergoes a random mutation on each iteration of the program: if the mutated tree is better at collecting light than its predecessor, it is ‘selected’ to serve as the new basis for mutation. A mature tree is shown to the right.

Physics Interviews

We’ve written two posts about interviews for physics, which can be found here and here. Originally, they were written with Oxford in mind, but the advice is general enough that it holds \forall physics interviews.

Any questions about physics interviews, life at Oxford or its undergraduate physics course are welcome: just send an email here, or leave a comment.

Rainy Day Physics

We are currently writing a collection of maths and physics problems, created for ~ college-level students who are interested in pushing their understanding of physics further. The questions will span a range of topics and difficulties, and written solutions will be provided.

Five sample problems have been uploaded to the new blog, linked here.


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