Introductions Second

Hi, I’m Paddy and I write in normal font.

As well as posting the occasional puzzle, I hope to be able to provide some insight into the syllabus of a typical physics undergraduate as I experience it.

I’ve been at university for just over two weeks. The pace is starting to pick up, with problem sheets and lectures gradually taking an A-level understanding of maths and physics to a more fundamental level. Being a ‘single-maths’ student is a little intimidating, but I’m hoping that coming to understand differential equations and complex numbers in the context of a university will be even more exciting.

Perhaps most jarring is the new level of self-motivation needed to push through tutorial work while keeping up to date with lectures. I was lucky enough to have as adept and enthusiastic a supervisor as Alan for my Extended Project, an essay from which I learnt not only facts and figures but some of the skills needed to work independently.

I may not be able to post frequently, but I intend to make that which I do write detailed and concise. I’ll also be happy to lend any advice in matters not pertaining to the academic side of university life if asked.

As a friend of mine professed last week: ‘always enjoy the mathematical beauty of the physical world’.



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