Wet Dogs and Washing Up

So I was thinking about centrifugal forces whilst drying up the other night. The simple question of “why does shaking something dry it off more quickly?” sprang into my mind, as I waved a mug around (this is how I dry up). I think the answer is a combination of:
1. Increased evaporation (from increased relative air velocity past the object)
2. Centrifugal force, causing water droplets to become “heavier” and fall / fly off the object

It is the second of these which interested me most – “what kind of G-forces am I exerting on this plate” I wondered as I frantically beat it back and forth in the air (much to my wife’s alarm).

This thought led, naturally, to considering the wild shaking that dogs so enjoy after they’ve been for a dunk in the river/sea/washing up bowl. What kinds of forces does the dog put its fur through? How would we measure it? I have an idea, but was wondering what you thought.


One thought on “Wet Dogs and Washing Up

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