Puzzle #5 – Rope You In

Every once in a while, it’s refreshing to have a problem that’s actually solvable without A-Level physics or maths – wouldn’t you agree Paddy? Here’s one which doesn’t even require Key Stage 3 math – but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s easy!

Imagine you are standing on a cliff top, with the beach 200m below you. The only items you have with you are a knife and a rope. The rope is 150m long and can be cut with the knife, but only at right angles to its length (i.e. you can’t cut it in half to make 2 very skinny ropes)

At the top of the cliff is a secure iron hoop, embedded in the rock. Exactly half way down is a tiny ledge, just wide enough to perch on. It too has another of these iron hoops sticking out of it.

Question: How do you reach the bottom of the cliff safely?

Please note: falling 50m does not constitute “safely”


One thought on “Puzzle #5 – Rope You In

  1. This kept me thinking for a while! Finally got it I think:

    Cut the rope into a 50m and a 100m. Tie the 50m at the top, climb down it carrying the 100. Tie a loop at the bottom of the 50 then feed the 100 through the loop (half either side), climb down to the ledge, pull the 100 through then use it for the second 100m drop!

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