Here’s a collection of puzzles we’ve made, some qualitative, some quantitative.

Puzzle #21 – HP3: The Guards of Azkaban – suggestions for the SI unit of happiness are welcome!

Puzzle #20 – HP2: The Rogue Bludger – radiodromes ahoy!

Puzzle #19 – HP1: The Sixth Chamber – the first in a series of Potter-inspired brainteasers. All hail Rowling!

Puzzle #18 – Parks and Reciprocation – almost as annoying as its namesake’s theme tune!

Puzzle #17 – Floating Gold – a near-forgotten golden oldie. Buoy vey!

Puzzle #16 – On the nth Day of Christmas – time for some Christmaths!

Puzzle #15 – Puddle Puzzle – nothing but triangles, I promise!

Puzzle #14 – Cue the Queue – a geometric problem concerning the butterfly effect.

Puzzle #13 – Fibre Choptic – a short geometric puzzle.

Puzzle #12 – Bowl Over – get your calculus on.

Puzzle #11 – Terra Fermat – an optics question in disguise.

Puzzle# 10 – Wax Mathematical – a guided foray into the fledgling science of beeometry! Will the puns never end?

Puzzle #9 – Platformulae – are you a platformer at heart? Ponder this calculus exercise.

Puzzle #8 – Unappealing Puzzle – a little integration never hurts!

Puzzle #7 – Resistive Forces – an exercise in use of the chain rule in Newton’s second law.

Puzzle #6 – Eye in the Sky – a geometric problem more easily said than done.

Puzzle #5 – Rope You In – a problem requiring no maths or physics, but a tricky one nonetheless!

Puzzle #4 – Deceptively Simple Sequence – the title says it all! A real meaty one which requires more than a little creativity.

Puzzle #3.2 – Apparent Weightlessness Strikes Again! – an extension of the previous puzzle.

Puzzle #3 – Apparent Weightlessness – a short problem related to orbits.

Puzzle #2 – Perpetual Motion – can you find the flaw in Alan’s solution to the energy crisis?

Puzzle #1 – Crossed Drive Belt – where it all began. A geometric jaunt to cut your teeth on.

The more recent puzzles come with solutions, which are found here:

#9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #17 #18 #19

If you find a mistake, please notify us.


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